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Dr. Adam Cave grew up in rural, central Illinois. Growing up in a family of nurses, he knew he wanted to be in the healthcare field. As a child, he suffered from severe migraines. Not knowing anything about chiropractic, he could only find relief by laying down in a dark room. After seeing a chiropractor following a car wreck, he realized that his migraines no longer affected him. This is when he knew that chiropractic was the path he wanted to follow.
During chiropractic school, some of his biggest mentors specialized in Upper Cervical Chiropractic. After hearing them tell stories of patients suffering from migraines and seizures, fibromyalgia and vertigo and so much more, he knew that he wanted to pursue Upper Cervical as a specialty. After specializing in Upper Cervical, he moved to Georgia and learned at one of the biggest and best Upper Cervical clinics in the world. During his time at his former office, he met his beautiful wife Ashley, and they had their first child, Sydney.

Dr. Cave’s level of experience and expertise in upper cervical chiropractic care has helped patients throughout the Watkinsville and Athens areas to minimize their low back pain, neck pain, and improve their quality of life dramatically. Living with back pain can be extremely demoralizing, and if regular chiropractic therapies haven’t helped in the past, then upper cervical techniques may be a treatment method that can help. 

Dr. Cave’s techniques for manipulation of the spine and upper cervical neck area are detailed and precise, so the movements themselves are quite small, and the adjustments are only made when necessary.

 We always use x-rays on our patients to get accurate imagery of the neck and spine, which allows the chiropractor to correct and treat as needed, without any jerking, popping, or unneeded adjustments. With regular treatment, many patients have seen true improvements in their health and wellness. When there is interference with the nervous system, which happens due to spinal misalignment, various aspects of the body will be affected, like your immune system, sleep quality, joint mobility, and more. 

Our goal for chiropractic medicine in Athens GA is to diagnose any misalignment in the spine that may be causing neck or back pain, and use x rays to see exactly where the misalignment is occuring, and manipulate the spine gently and effectively using the knee chest upper cervical technique. 

If you’ve been suffering with lower back pain, or neck issues, and various medicines,  physicians, or chiropractors haven’t been able to help, we would love to schedule a consultation and see if we can help. Our office is located in Watkinsville, and we love working with our patients to improve their lives and achieve their health goals. We strive for excellence in our chiropractic treatment, our patient experience, and our quality of care. 

Dr. Cave would love to meet with you and see if upper cervical chiropractic adjustment could be right for you. He will develop a customized treatment plan based on the x-rays taken at each visit, so the improvement is evident and the adjustments are based on clear imagery and researched techniques. 

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Our Mission

Our focus at Athens Upper Cervical Chiropractic is to help you attain your health goals. To do this, we focus on corrective chiropractic care utilizing the Knee Chest Upper Cervical Technique. This is the same technique that chiropractic pioneer Dr BJ Palmer developed and studied extensively. It remains one of the most researched chiropractic techniques.