Experience less pain during pregnancy, and shorter labor times.

Studies have shown that mothers who receive chiropractic care during pregnancy experience less pain during pregnancy, as well as shorter labor times.

According to Abraham ‘Towbin, M.D. from Harvard Medical School, “during the final extraction of the fetus (baby), mechanical stress-even the application of standard orthodox procedures may prove intolerable to the fetus.”

Furthermore, Dr. Towbin states, “Spinal cord and brainstem injuries often occur during the birth process, but frequently escape diagnosis... there may be lasting neurological defects.” Therefore it is no surprise that Dr. Arpod DeNagy of the Rockefeller Institute recommends “chiropractic care should begin at birth on a preventative basis.” 
Photo of a pregnant woman, who can receive chiropractic care safely to minimize pain and adjust the neck and spine

The goal of chiropractic treatment is to eliminate any misalignment with the spine, spinal cord, and brain stem, so the nervous system can function optimally. A nervous system that is in alignment means a healthier body, which is of the utmost importance during pregnancy and prenatal care. Our Athens chiropractors are here to help you through all stages of life, including pregnancy, during which the spine may be experiencing more pressure, and the body is going through so many physical changes. The physical and hormonal changes that are happening in this stage of pregnancy can take a toll on the mother, which is where prenatal chiropractic care can be beneficial. Adjustments during this time can relieve pressure on the spine, and can alleviate common symptoms like low back pain, posture changes, joint pressure, and more. 

During pregnancy, the weight gain and positioning of the baby can drastically change many aspects of the body, including the pelvic tilt, spinal alignment, posture, and center of gravity. As the baby grows and the abdomen increases in size, this can also lead to increased curvature of the spine, which may cause misalignment in the upper cervical region. We’re here to help all of our patients looking for pregnant and prenatal care in the Watkinsville and Athens area to experience the healthiest pregnancies possible. Chiropractic adjustments can be an exceedingly helpful treatment option during that season of life, and can have an impact on improving labor and delivery as well. 

Because chiropractic care doesn’t involve drugs or invasive treatments, it’s completely safe for both you and the baby, and can provide significant pain relief and lead to faster, easier deliveries. We recommend coming for a consultation at our Watkinsville chiropractor’s office if you’re pregnant and are experiencing back pain, neck pain, or joint pain. Our specialized adjustments are both safe and effective, and can both improve your health, and boost both you and your baby’s immune system. 

Dr. Cave is gentle, thorough, and has experience working with prenatal care and pregnant women throughout all 3 trimesters. We’d be happy to evaluate you and recommend a personalized course of treatment both for your pregnancy, and afterwards for post natal care if desired. The abdominal pressure during pregnancy can be debilitating, and we’d love to help you take steps toward minimizing pain and discomfort throughout your pregnancy. Prenatal chiropractic care has helped many of our patients reduce their morning sickness, improve the positioning of the baby, alleviate joint pain, and generally enjoy this special season of pregnancy more.  

If you’re interested in learning more about our gentle, specialized chiropractic treatment plans for pregnancy and prenatal care, call our office at 770-271-8505! We serve the Athens and Watkinsville area, and would love to set up a consultation and get you evaluated for treatment. 

How Upper Cervical Chiropractic could Help

Reduced Pain & Discomfort

Decreased Inflammation

Strengthens Immune System

Increased Flexibility

Improved Joint Mobility

Increase in Energy & More!